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Our Real Estate AwardThe numbers tell the story: Metropolitan Brokers sell six times the number of luxury homes and condos than the average real estate agent in the greater Nashville marketplace.

At Metropolitan Brokers, we understand and embrace that your prospective buyer is looking for a specific price/value/condition ratio. In order to exceed expectations, our team will construct and implement a marketing strategy specifically tailored to reach beyond your usual buyers – locally, nationally and internationally – through the Multiple Listing Service, syndication, the Internet, social media, print media publications and our proprietary network of luxury real estate brokers.

Your property will find the right buyer, for the right price, within your time frame.

We promote the story of your home online and in print, in a manner which captures the attention of people ready to buy. The way your property is presented is as important as having the right price. Metropolitan Brokers marketing creates an emotional connection with the new owner, and maximizes the sale price.

Did you know that you home will not sell until at least 308 individuals see your property online? We do.

We know that on average a marketing campaign must touch 24.3 individuals online to generate 1 in person visit. In 2012, it takes an average of 12.7 in person visits to generate an acceptable offer. For each listing, we execute a coordinated marketing campaign designed to cast the widest possible net and target key demographics. We utilize traditional tactics, such as direct mail and open houses, as well as cutting edge online marketing through social media and search engine optimization. Your property will be featured on more than 300 websites utilizing the highest quality photography and technology available today. The result is a trackable, dynamic marketing program that will speak to every potential buyer and convey a finely crafted story.

Metropolitan Markets your Property

The way your home is presented determines the number and quality of showings it receives.

Over 98% of homebuyers ranked photography as the most important feature on a real estate website. Metropolitan Broker has an in-house media team that collaborates with our agents on each listing to capture the story with photos, video, copywriting, and design.

We respond to all inquiries in 15 minutes or less. On average, 90 percent of home buyers feel an agent’s response time is very important – second only to their knowledge of the market. Response time to inquiries is greatly enhanced given our firm participates in LeadRouter. Buyers interested in your home reaching out via the internet, phone or by visiting our office will be immediately connected to us at any time of the day, even after normal business hours saving valuable time and driving interest to your home quickly.

Use Grant Hammond’s proprietary data systems to calculate your property’s current value. If you’re considering selling your property, empower yourself with the knowledge you need before you start. Or, if you’ve ever just wondered how much your property is worth for curiosity sake, now’s the time to find out. Perhaps what you discover will change your mind about waiting to sell. Click on the icon below to begin your free property evaluation.

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